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3D Artist

3D animation has taken the web by storm with games, websites, logos, characters, mascots and any other mode you can think of, the hype for 3D is rising each day and not only does this “almost realistic” world of 3D attracts young users but adults as well. 3d Artists are known to breathe life into their work, which is one reason why hiring a 3D artist is not so easy on the pocket.

CentricSource is a one stop shop for all your requirements as our 3D animation artists can help you create an amazing online experience that will not only keep you glued to your screens but will you grasp the attention of your customers within a matter of seconds. The advantages of having a 3D animator are numerous but the cost of hiring one will always be a concern for most but not anymore as CentricSource offers the chance to hire 3D artists at the lowest cost plus with resources managed remotely, say goodbye to overhead costs that just add up and save up to 60% on your expenses.

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Our highly skilled resources can help you with

  • 3D Animation
  • 3D Character Design
  • 3D Video Footage
  • 3D Product Design
  • 3D Logos

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