In today’s world, progress in technology is only possible by combining hardware and software. It comes as no surprise that programming languages have become an essential component of modern technology trends.

Now, there are a plethora of programming languages that developers are dealing with. Moreover, IT Outsourcing companies are also working with different programming languages for developing many software apps.

Whether it’s for personal or commercial use, there are so many programming languages out there. The wide range of options may overwhelm a beginner in software development. Even choosing the right programming language and programmer, may prove to be a difficult decision for businesses.

If you are also confused about which programming language to learn or use for your business, then you have come to the right place. Let’s have a look at the most popular programming languages of 2019, according to different sources.

The popularity of Programming Language Index (PYLP) 2019

Similar to technology trends, programming languages also go up and down in popularity. While there are many metrics to find the trending programming languages, Google searches remain to be one of the key indicators.

Popularity of Programming Language Index (PYLP) collects raw data from the Google trends and publishes a report. The formula is simple: the more a programming language tutorial is searched, the higher ranking it gets. So, these programming languages made it to the top 10 of PYLP in 2019.

popularity of Programming Language Index

Tiobe Programming Index
Tiobe is a software quality company which generates an index of popular programming languages every year. The list is updated each month.


Let’s briefly discuss some of the major programming languages of 2019.

1. Python

Besides PYLP and Tiobe, stats from the annual Developer survey Stack Overflow also show that Python is one of the fastest-growing programming languages. It is recognized as one of the most “in-demand” languages.

The language is easy to learn, and perhaps, for this reason, it is found everywhere –from artificial intelligence (AI) to machine learning, Big Data, and media tools.

Cybersecurity also drives on Python. It has become a popular language among programming students. On average, a Python Developer in the US earns $118,088 per year.

2. Java

Java has been one of the most programming languages for years. Java contains no references to external data, which makes it a robust and object-oriented language. Unlike C++, Java comes with automatic memory allocation and garbage collection.

Java is compatible with cross platforms and independent platforms alike. On Java, you “write once, run everywhere.” Moreover, it lays the foundation for the Android operating system.  According to Indeed, the average salary of a Java Developer in the US is $103, 343.

However, Java’s ratings in Google Trends have seen a drop-down from 97 in 2018 to 80 in 2019. Python has emerged as a top competitor, with a growth of up to 18.9% in the last five years.


3. Java Script

According to Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey of 2018, JavaScript was the most popular programming language among developers. The survey revealed that more than half of the software developers use JavaScript. It is not wrong to say that without having an in-depth knowledge of JavaScript, you cannot become a successful web developer.

JavaScript is essential for front-end development and equally important for back-end development. With JavaScript, you can build interactive websites. Thanks to its accessible User Interface, JavaScript is easy to learn.

JavaScript is emerging as a popular programming language in other areas as well. For instance, game developers are now using Java Script. Also, JavaScript is rapidly growing in the Internet of Things (IoT). JavaScript developers in the US earn $112989 per year.

4. C#

C# or C-sharp is another trending programming language in 2019. Microsoft developed C# in 2000 in response to Java. Interestingly, the Binge search engine is written with C#. It is used in developing desktop apps, and more recently, it is being used in Windows 8/10 applications.

Compared to C++, C# is easier to learn because of its consistent and logical code. Also, it is easy to find errors in C# since it is a statically typed language. C# works with a framework of .NET and is perfect for developing computer and mobile games. It is a robust programming language for 3D projects and gaming.

Besides desktop applications and game development, C# is also an effective tool for eCommerce. Many IT companies and IT departments in banks and firms are employing C#. The average salary of .Net developers in the US is $112,533 per year.

5. PHP

Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is a general-purpose programming language used by web developers across the globe. Initially, this language was created for maintaining Personal Home Page for Rasmus. The surprising fact is PHP is now used by 79% of the websites around the world.

PHP is a scripting language that runs on a server. Primarily, it is used to create dynamic web pages written in HyperText Markup Language (HTML) code. PHP is inexpensive and comes with an easy set up that makes it easier to install.

The simple structure makes PHP a top choice for new programmers and web developers. Further, PHP is an ideal programming language and highly compatible with WordPress –the most effective content management system (CMS). The average salary of a PHP developer in the US is $83,186 per year.


Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, there are myriad options when it comes to learn, practice, and professionally commit a programming language. Whether you are a beginner or professional web developer, you can learn many programming languages.

The trends in programming languages keep changing. However, Python is emerging as one of the leading programming languages giving tough competition to Java and JavaScript. There are still three months left in 2019, and it will be interesting to see which language takes the lead at the end of the year.