Why outsource IT

Have you ever considered outsourcing your IT functions? Do you know professional IT companies or managed IT services now let you outsource an isolated IT function or your entire IT operation?

Outsourcing has proven its benefits, not with talks but stats. In 2017, as per the report from Global Industry Analytics, the overall size of the outsourced market was $24.6 billion globally. How much change is expected within just three years? Well, according to the same report, the same market will be nearing $220 billion in 2020.

IT functions remain one of the top entries on the list of the most outsourced business functions. According to a survey by Clutch, 37% of the participating businesses outsource their IT functions, second only to accounting.

The question is why more and more businesses are going this route? Find the answer to that question in the benefits of outsourcing IT given below.

Top Reasons to Outsource Your IT

The biggest challenge for new companies is capital. Most of the companies compromise on the quality of IT infrastructure and solutions to cut costs. It is not just the small businesses benefitting from outsourced certain functions of their businesses. For Procter & Gamble, productivity in its innovation saw a boost of 60% after outsourcing its research and development functions.

As an owner of a small business, you just have to pinpoint which IT function or business process will save you the most if you outsource it.

Highly Trained Professionals
Companies providing outsourced IT services hire some of the best IT technicians from the world. These IT technicians are extremely skilled, and they know what they’re doing. They know how to tackle major problems. Which not every IT technician may know. They have a variety of professionals within the broad category of IT. Just because a person is good with software maintenance does not mean he/she will be good with hardware maintenance as well. IT outsourcing companies make sure that they have the professionals to deal with any IT related issues a client has.

Improved Safety
When you hire a company that specializes in the field of IT, your infrastructure is in safer hands. Do you know one of the major reasons for data hacks is poorly designed networks? When you do not have the right people for the job, you get half-baked solutions. In short, hackers do not have to do any hacking to get into your system. They already have enough open doors to enter the system any time they want. However, when you have the right professionals on your side, you can block these backdoors and design a system that’s nearly foolproof.

Improved Focus
Companies usually outsource the most time-consuming tasks. Outsourcing a repetitive function may increase your effectiveness and efficiency. The job can be done as quickly as possible. You don’t need to worry about irrelevant problems that your specialties do not cover. You can focus on your main business functions while letting the professionals do their work. Achieving your business goals becomes easier when you have fewer unimportant things to focus on.

Access to Better Facilities
When you outsource the IT facility from renowned IT companies, you get access to high-class software and most up to date software implementation. These software implementations cost a fortune. Software implementation, hardware-software incompatibilities, helpdesk services, etc. can be costly when not done right. When you outsource these processes, you save a lot of time in making the digital transition, which is the need of the hour today.

Safety from Internal Resource Crisis
There comes a time when organizations fail to combat their problems with their available internal resources. You can save yourself from such a situation by outsourcing your IT operations. You do not have to worry about lacking resources or the already-lacking IT talent. Pay a monthly or yearly fee for the service and you can stay worry-free from your IT management tasks.

Access to New Market Areas
When you outsource you find more time to expand into new markets. In today’s world, companies need to downsize and sometimes expand quickly. This cannot be done swiftly because of the labor laws. To overcome this challenge, you can think about outsourcing your IT functions. Once you are out of the worries of managing employees, employee benefits, workforce regulations, etc. you can find time to strategize your expansion.

You cannot deny that businesses are facing a cutthroat competition today because they are against local as well as international businesses. More often than not, their success or failure comes down to their flexibility with the adaptation to new technological advancements. The more time you take in making a decision, the more you allow your competitors to take the lead. Whether you are a startup, a small business, or an established yet growing business, you can benefit from outsourcing your IT functions.